Soundfil® is an acoustic sound absorber and thermal insulator. It consists of thermo-bound polyester textile fibres without resins nor adhesives.

It is a hygienic and breathable product, non-toxic and free from phenol-formaldehyde resins.
It features optimal mechanical resistance and fire reaction, with low smoke emission.
It can be thermo-moulded, coupled to masses or vibration damping materials and it can be made self-adhesive.

It is hand-workable by means of rotating blades or smooth bladed band saws and it is easy to die-cut. Its surface can be finished with films of various types for specific uses, with nonwoven fabrics of various colours, water-repellent and aluminium.

This product, in new white or black coloured standard and 40 kg/m3 density, features one smooth surface, locally at higher density, which enhances sound absorption.
Some special sizes may be produced at lower (25 kg/m3) or higher (50 kg/m3) density or featuring both smoothed surface. ​

Oil-waterresistant nonwoven or fabric, PU film or glass fabric (with aluminium or not) as surface skins are also available on demand; adhesive versions, too.

Standard sizes: thickness 10 ÷ 60 mm; rolls h1000 or 1200 mm; sheets 1000 x 1500 mm.
General tolerances relevant with density, thickness and size: ±10%; roll height: ±2%.

All information about product fire reaction, smoke emission and relative approvals for adhesive version have not been attested not guaranteed.

Research tags:

Sound absorption products
Thermal insulation products
Aluminised glass tissue
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Application fields:

Agricultural vehicles
Air ducts
Buses and railway industry
Earth-moving vehicles
Industrial vehicles and working means
Room acoustics
Yachts e ships