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Meteor was founded in 1988, and, at that time, it was one of the first Italian companies to specialise in manufacturing and distribution of sound-attenuation and sound-absorption products.
Mainly operating in the north-eastern region of Italy, Meteor collaborates on major projects and special tenders, also abroad, with government bodies. Through the Visa SpA Group, the company has also successfully penetrated some Middle Eastern, Asian and Southeast Pacific markets, achieving positive results in many areas.
A wide range of sound-absorption, sound-attenuation and sound-insulation materials (ashlar, pyramid and smooth types coupled with lead material and charged rubber) is always available in the spacious warehouse located in Fontanelle (TV- Italy). In the company headquarters, different samples of products are displayed to show all the possible shapes and fields of application. Prompt delivery and highly efficient logistic support make Meteor one of the most appreciated and reliable companies in the sector. On request, Meteor can supply pre-cut and pre-shaped materials according to customer specifications.

solutions for sound insulation and noise absorption


technical consultancy and support

Acoustic wellness in private homes, schools, places of work, machines, industrial plants, and public transport in many sectors, is a fundamental aspect to consider in the design phase. Thanks to the highly qualified technical support and to the wide range of products, Meteor is able to solve all the problems regarding noise pollution and sound quality, responding to the diverse needs of customers while respecting time schedules and complying with current regulations.

meteor customer service

Prompt reaction in terms of support and service towards the customer’s needs is a fundamental aspect of our job. Young and highly qualified personnel contribute to making Meteor a dynamic and cutting-edge company able to compete with professionalism and determination in a market that is increasingly demanding. We always put customer needs first as this is our primary goal in every business transaction.

Meteor high quality service

Prompt delivery combined with the efficient logistic services provided to the customers, allows Meteor to be one of the most qualified and reliable companies in this sector.

certificates and documentation available

Every single item comes with a technical data sheet detailing the composition and the technical features. All products go through rigorous testing and are certified for the different types of applications and the various operating uses.
The highly qualified technicians at Meteor are specifically trained for all aspects of environmental acoustics. Among their duties, they carry out all the necessary phonometric tests, measuring the sound levels and verifying that they fully meet the requirements of current standards. In addition, they conduct surveys, design and fulfil environmental reclamations, and draft evaluation reports on the acoustic impact.

The main fields of applications of Meteor products are: agricultural machinery, earth moving machinery, public transportation, automotive, compressors and electricity generators, air conditioning and ventilation ducts, industry, office machinery, yachting, cruise and navy shipbuilding, construction, residential and renovation building, music sector, and many more.


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