Solutions for industrial sector

sound insulation for the industrial sector


The primary objective of the industrial soundproofing must always be the improvement of the working conditions and of the environmental comfort. In doing that, the whole organization results to be much more productive and efficient, reducing the management costs.

The industrial soundproofing implies very specific requirements and Meteor products help achieve these objectives.
Thanks to the wide range of products it becomes easy to avoid the vibrations produced by the sound shock wave and to improve the acoustic insulation in many different applications:

  • Soundproof canopies
  • Engine compartments
  • Electricity generators
  • Insulation for booths, protective casings, boxes
  • Soundproof panels and shieldings for production lines
  • Soundproof systems for production areas
  • Highly insulated doors and gates
  • Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning

This kind of product can be used in many different sectors and applications, very often they get also customized in accordance to the specific customer’s needs.

Industrial sector references:

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Industrial sector products: