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The environmental comfort is becoming an important requirement in designing large and medium sized leisure boats. The specific problems connected to the thermal and sound isolation in the naval sector, have always been completely different and much more demanding, in terms of design, from those in the traditional housing construction.

In order to solve that, Meteor S.r.l. has come up with innovative solutions through recyclable products, free from hazardous substances, that totally complies with the current laws and regulations relating to the noise control on board.

All Meteor products, that has been specifically developed for shipbuilding and marine sector, are ideal for thermal/acoustic insulation and fireproof walls, as well as for cold and warm pipes, exhaust pipelines and air-conditioning equipment and ducts.

Thanks to its experience and professionalism, Meteor S.r.l. is able to accompany customers through all stages of the project, from early drafts and initial designs right through to manufacturing, and installation, constantly keeping up the performance level. During that process, it cooperates with technicians and project designers, directly in the shipyard, strictly complying with the current regulations, respecting the technical-economic requirements and the environmental protection, with an eye to remaining competitive and offering high quality products.

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