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sound insulation for construction and building sector


In recent years, aspects such as living and environmental comfort have become more and more important, almost a priority to be achieved in everybody’s life.
​Acoustic pollution represents a risk for public health and it undoubtedly affects people’s quality of life, notwithstanding the fact that people has developed the capacity to rapidly adapt to the more common noises, considered unavoidable, such as the walking coming from the floor above, or the noise generating from moving the furniture in the apartment next door, or the one produced by the neighbors’ television, the music played at high volume or even the noise coming from the external traffic or living close to factories and productive areas.
The solution to protect against these kind of risks is the installation of sound-absorption and sound-attenuation panels.

Meteor S.r.l. can provide a wide range of products, specifically design for the construction and building sector, in reply to the constantly growing interest for the acoustic issues (due mainly to the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers D.P.C.M. 5/12/97 – Determining the acoustic passive requirements of buildings). From one side, they increase the environmental health and safety and, on the other side, they sensibly improve the energy efficiency and the plant’s level of performance.

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