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sound insulation for music sector, leisure and public premises


Very often, music practice rooms, recording studios, concert rooms and theaters, as well as public premises such as hotels, restaurants, bars and pubs, discos, gyms and wellness centers, find themselves having to deal with specific problems referred to the noise level generated by musical instruments, equipment or directly by people themselves.
​Music is a sound composition having a high acoustic potential impact throughout the buildings. That is particularly true for live music or by DJ set since they use electro-acoustic diffusion systems, but the same impact can be also be generated by a not amplified symphony orchestra or by a traditional band. In all those cases, it could easily happen that the sound pressure exceeds the threshold allowed or even it could include low frequency sound elements that are the most difficult to attenuate.

Meteor S.r.l. grants reliability in solving these kind of problems, by providing specific and tailor-made solutions, putting the utmost attention to identify the weakest aspects in the acoustic environment, in particular doors and windows. The highly professional staff always focuses on the most suitable solutions in terms of performance and economic convenience.

Every single project is developed in accordance to the customer’s needs and requirements, in order to support him with the best possible result ever.

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